Un ojo, dos ojos, tres ojos

“Casa Vecina” is a working and research space of contemporary art conceived by the Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México. “Estudio Extendido” is its residencial program, receiving and lodging artists for a 3-month duration in the historic downtown of Mexico City, a period where they can develop their research proposals. Throughout this time, along with producing and proposing possible presentations, the invited artists and their working staff follow their work process through public exhibitions, conversations with other artists, lectures in public, performances or workshops. It was in this context that a collaboration between “Casa Vecina” and Uqbar Fundation, a project that artists Mariana Castillo Deball and Irene Kopelman, started. The resulting exhibition “One Eye, two eyes three eyes” brought together research works and collaborative experimentation from ten artists from all over the world regarding contemporary art and its processes, “We did a research field trip to the city of Oaxaca, Juchitlan and Etla, we went to Catemaco and the port of Veracruz looking for stories, imagining how it would be if a group of artists landed there. Between those trips and fantasies we slowly acknowledged that the narratives in these places are sometimos, criptic, as they don’t show until two days alter we arrive. Through these months we decided who would be our companions in this adventure.” The ten involved artists visted Casa Vecina for 1 month each and their projects were exhibited in January of 2012. The present book documents their participation and work.”


Castillo Deball, Mariana; Kopelman Irene. Un ojo, dos ojos, tres ojos. Uqbar Foundation. Contributions by: Mariana Castillo Deball; Ricardo Cuevas; Yael Davids; Leticia El Halli Obeid; Jon Mikel Euba; Moosje Goosen; Irene Kopelman; Amalia Pica; Jorge Satorre; Leandro Tartaglia; Mariana Castillo Deball; Yael Davids; Jon Mikel Euba; Irene Kopelman; Amalia Pica; Jorge Satorre. Design Cristina Paoli. Spanish/English. 143 pp. 220 x 160 mm. Ciudad de México : Casa Vecina, Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México, 2012.