To-day November 20th 2005

Mariana Castillo Deball presents a new piece, which plays with the idea of how time works and how we establish ourselves in the present. “The present”, she says, “is a mixture of different temporalities: events, objects and spaces from multiple times co-exist in what we call actuality.” What is the present? How do we pass from one thing to another? How does this passage become what it is? How do all these temporalities collide in one single moment and constitute an individual?
In her performance Today: November 20, Deball will work with a single actor and a series of props to build a character and who doesnʼt experience time in a linear or horizontal way, as we do, but vertically. The history of this character is built in events, which happened on the same date, but in different years. The actor becomes an archive of events which have an arbitrary point in common. Each time the performance takes place, this time for example on the 20th of November, the very shape of the character will be radically transformed by this one day history.

Tabloid format
Edition 1000