To-day, February 20th, 2018

“Each time the piece takes place, the character is shaped by this one-day history. It is important to mention that the date is decided by the situation and not by the artist. The date always coincides with the official opening of the exhibition, in this case the 20th of February. The documentation and visual material departs from newspapers, travel logs, birthdates, obituaries, holidays, observances and any other traces related to this particular date. ‘To-Day’ is an archive of events, with an arbitrary point in common. The piece will be completed after 365 editions.”
For “To-Day, February 20th,” Castillo Deball presents a modular staircase structure that has been designed by the artist specifically for Gallery 109 within the SCAD Museum of Art. This structure is covered with a pattern that the artist has created in relationship to the research about the history of Savannah and the date. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the structure by transiting, climbing or sitting on it. Therefore, “To-Day, February 20th” reacts both to the architecture of the museum and the history of Savannah, while it considers objects as histories and histories as objects. A limited-edition artist-designed newspaper, which visually narrates the historical research, is distributed freely in the gallery.

16 pp,
Tabloid format

Edition 1000
The newspaper was published and distributed on the occasion of the exhibition Today, February 20th at the SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, 2018.