“The archive works in a space in which different types of material coexist, structured according to certain rules; it also requires temporality since the premises that organize information as well as the material itself change and grow continuously; it is an organic process, open and permeable. The work finds common ground in the relation with different strategies of organizing this information. The archive gathers objects with a common element.

Its richness depends not on the quantity of components but on the ramifications they imply. Beyond curiosity and the pleasure of recompilation, it is the argument that justifies arrangements. The elements are studied not for themselves but for their capability of belonging to a series: the importance depends on the space in the collection rather than specific characteristics. The main interest is to discover the maps, the routes that lead us to long term projects, usually without conclusion; routes that propose a horizon of possible solutions so that the final result seems only to be a moment, a concentration of intentions and possibilities frozen in a specific object.”

192 pp.
111 x 117mm.