Never odd or Even, Volume I

The aim of Never odd or even is to develop collaborative projects in which distribution is not a final stage, but a central part of the process. Distribution understood as a way to occupy or invade different contexts. In each project, multiples and diverse objects work as performative devices, the importance is how are they disseminated and how they can generate a territory. Never odd or even is a metaphor by means of understanding the way the small becomes huge, its ability to simultaneously symbolize dissolution and community. “A gesture that is repeated in different contexts” “An explosion of meaning that reaches several points; every particle ends up somewhere else coming back with a new shape”

Never odd or Even, Volume I. Contributions by:
Gabriela Aguileta, Bina Choi, Ricardo Cuevas, Hubert Czerepok, Daniela Franco, Heidi Lynn Ganshaw, Alexander Komarov, Irene Kopelman, Susanne Krieman, Alexandra Leykauf, Raimundas Malasaukas, Miguel Monroy, BrianOʻConnell, David Puig, Manuel Raeder, Sebastian Romo, Steve Rushton, Gabriela Torres Mazuera. English/Spanish/Portuguese/French. Size varies, max. 170 × 240 mm, 25 different dust jackets. Berlin; Revolver; Marres: Marres, Center for Contemporary Art, 2005.

Language: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Size: Size varies, max. 170 × 240 mm
Illustrations: 24 in b/w and 6 in color
Format: 30 Covers, 24 in b/w and 6 in color

Edition of 500 copies.

Never Odd or Even vol. 1 was published on the occasion of the exhibition at the Marres, Center for Contemporary Art and the Baltic Trienal, 2005.