Fiore inesistenti in natura

Having appropriated its name from a fictional place in Jorge Luis Borges’ seminal 1940 short story Tlön, Uqbar , Orbis Tertius , the Uqbar Foundation’s project sets out to build a platform for discussion, creating a dialogue among artists, scientists, and institutions, as well as developing new ways of collaboration. It considers the artistic practice as the best stance from which to gaze out over the general state of our times. For Manifesta 7 Uqbar presents a publication and a space that subversively unfolds in diverse shapes and locations, creating a resonance and a sense of déjà vu in the spectator. Inspired by researching the archives at the International Center for the Study of Futurism, hosted by MART in Rovereto, Fuga di un piano concentrates on analyzing time and its projection to the future. Uqbar revisits the legacy of Futurism and then applies contemporary perception. Imagined futures, scientific studies of nature and artificial intelligence, economic models of probability, collective desire and belief – these are but a few of the concerns of Uqbar’s research into progress, utopian science and visionary knowledge.

Fiore inesistenti in natura was published as a part of the project “Fuga di un piano”, realized by Uqbar Foundation on the occasion of Manifesta 7, Rovereto, Italy, 2008

Language: English.
Dimensions: 17, 5 x 11 cm
Texts by: Moosje Goosen, Italo Calvino, Alejo Carpentier and Miriam van Imschoot.
Uqbar Foundation, 2008.