To-day July 9th, 2016

To-day July 9th takes as a starting point the ongoing piece To-day, which I started in 2005. The second edition was shown in 2006. This most recent piece in 2016 was the third edition. The piece will be completed after 365 editions. The present is a mixture of different temporalities, where events, objects and people from multiple times coexist.
What is the present? When does a passage become a moment? When does an occurrence turn into an event? To-day consists of a newspaper publication and a stage; hosting a fictional character that exists only in one day, but throughout the years.
The character can surf freely on this date in different years, jumping back and forth in a 24 hours spectrum around time. Each time the piece takes place; the character is shaped by this one-day history. It is important to mention that the date is decided by the situation and not by the artist. The date always coincides with the official opening of the exhibition, in this case the 9th of July. The documentation and visual material departs from newspapers, travel logs, birthdates, obituaries, holidays, observances, and any other traces related to this particular date.To-day is an archive of events, with an arbitrary point in common.

Newspaper. 16pp, Tabloid format.
Edition 5000

The newspaper was published and distributed on the occasion of Liverpool ONE, Liverpool Biennial, 2016.